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Free Career Training 


This free training unveils the secrets to career transition, helping you to discover the core ingredients to success at finding and keeping a job you love, to building out a sustainable career. 1 x 90 minute workshop with a live Q@A, Ed takes you through the mindset shift to elevate your career and transition to a new role, new company or maybe even start you own. Including the elements of leadership, effective communication, uncovering what employers really want, asking the right questions, negotiating the best deal, how to work with recruiters, manage applications and the best use of technology.


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Be extraordinary.

This free training unveils the secrets to creating the abundant life that allows you to thrive in all aspects of life, helps you to solve many of the mysteries that hold us back from living a life of meaning with practical steps to guide you through the journey to the life that has always been waiting for you but has always seemed just out of reach. 1 x 90 minute workshops and Q&A. This is an introduction to Ed's signature masterclass the Abundant Life Project on combining work and life transition. 

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Which program is for you? 

These programs are introductions to our Masterclasses and Ed suggests that you take them before deciding which programs to invest in as they offer limited special promotions and bonuses.

Secrets to an Abundant Career

This is you...

  • High performing
  • High achieving
  • Looking for a promotion / leadership
  • Looking to change career
  • Upskilling to another employer
  • Want to develop your career
  • Could consider working for yourself 

Would like to be better at:

  • Knowing what a career transition could look like
  • Positioning yourself  
  • Engaging the job market
  • Working with recruiters
  • Talking directly to new employers
  • Networking effectively
  • Getting the roles you want
  • Negotiating your bonus or promotion
  • Being heard at work
  • Managing expectations
  • Recognising and managing stress  
  • Developing resilience and a positive mindset
  • Developing leadership skills









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Secrets to an Abundant Life

This is you...

  • High performing
  • High achieving
  • High functioning 
  • No longer fulfilled
  • Work / relationships are becoming stressed
  • Lacking clarity in direction
  • Lacking clarity in purpose 
  • Lacking clarity in decision making
  • Probably had a few coaches and taken courses but never quite made the breakthrough

Would like to be better at:

  • Reconnecting with a meaningful life and work, being aligned to purpose
  • Finding direction in life and work
  • Unlocking real happiness, love and fulfilment
  • Re-igniting purpose and passion
  • Managing stress
  • Managing expectations 
  • Developing resilience
  • Having a healthier lifestyle
  • Creating a nurturing supportive environment
  • Discovering my mission
  • Managing relationships better
  • Connecting to and listening to your heart 
  • Developing your intuition and knowing how to listen to it
  • Making more informed decisions
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